Our History

Karthika Chips was founded by Mr. Gopakumar in early 90’s as a small shop in Thrissur’s Jai Hind Market with a single employee. He started his first sale in his Lambretta scooter in Thrissur’s Swaraj Round. Since then, the tagline was born “The Traditional Taste of Cultural Capital”.

The journey of success began with his simple formula:
“My customers are my assets. I won’t compromise on quality and taste. I respect, adore and love my food - I will give my patrons what I love and enjoy eating myself.”

Karthika Chips factory was established in Nedupuzha with the guidance of Directorate of Industries & Commerce (DIC), Thrissur and commenced its operations in 2005. The new factory provided us the opportunity to expand our market and product reach.

Our bottom line is to deliver the best taste and quality always. We guard our promise by focusing on hygienic food processing and using un-adulterated raw materials. Over the years, we have learned, adapted and grasped opportunities for perfection.

A sweet recognition:
“You have to dream before your dreams can come true”
-Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

As we diligently approached our dream with hard work, we were recognized by the Kerala State Government in 2009-2010. We were awarded the best Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) award. Today, we have many valuable customers across the globe who loves our taste and appreciate the way we roast our products. We whole heartedly thank our family (our customers, employees, suppliers, retailers, SBT bank) for the trust and confidence bestowed on us.

We guard our PROMISE and we continue DREAMING!!!

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